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Friday, Nov 2nd: Long Island peace community meets for music and pre-election networking

(Canceled due to Hurricane Sandy aftermath. Next Coffeehouse in December)

PeaceSmiths November 2012 Coffeehouse will feature:
The door at PeaceSmiths

  • Musician: George Mann
  • Singer/Songwriter: Rorie Kelly
  • A tribute to Miriam Goodman and…
  • Your favorite campaign lit and discussion

PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse
Friday, November 2, 2012
8pm-11pm Continue reading Friday, Nov 2nd: Long Island peace community meets for music and pre-election networking

Drums of War: Peace Song for 12/11/2011

That's Sonny Meadows, on the right. (Love those shades!)

It’s the last day of “Sonny Meadows Week” at Peace Couple! (If you have not headed over to CD Baby to check out his work, and get copies for yourself and as gifts, you should do so now, while you remember.)

On this last day: What song should we pick?…

“Drums of War” by Sonny Meadows is the Peace Song of the Day for December 11th. You can find this song on the album Bibles, Guns & Flags. In the liner notes, Sonny Meadows comments on his inspiration for this song:

Written in response to Kosovo and my own personal experiences in Viet Nam, but applies to the Mid-East, Africa and everywhere we let vengeance take the place of common sense.

You can find a sample of this song, or buy the album or MP3,
at CD Baby: here.
(Drums of War is Track 4)

Excerpt from lyrics: Continue reading Drums of War: Peace Song for 12/11/2011

Long Island New York: Street Scene from July 2011

Susanna, Duchess of Peace writes: Today, I went out to run errands, and took my camera with me. I was hoping to see some sign of the times — like when I was on our Royal Peace Tour and saw a peace bumper sticker. One scene I observed was this woman, on a busy street near the shopping malls in Nassau County. She was dressed in a long, denim skirt. She was walking up and down the median, holding up a cardboard sign to the cars waiting for the red light. The sign asked for money for her and the children she had to support.

This image seems like a sign of the times for me, considering the high unemployment rate and the state of the economy. To get to peace, we have to build an economy where everyone who wants to work can work in a job with dignity.