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“Share or Die!” Arrived

From "A Post College Flowchart of Misery and Pain" on Shareable.
From “A Post College Flowchart of Misery and Pain” on Shareable.

I received an email today from the Schumacher Society(“Small is Beautiful”) providing an report on the continuing success of the Mondragon Co-ops.  Along the same lines, my review copy of Share or Die!, Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisisedited by Malcolm Harris with Neal Gorenflo, arrived in the mail today.  The book is not as foreboding as the title seems.  It is about the need to build a collaborative society in order for Gen Y  to flourish in an extractive economy.  I will be putting aside the copy of  The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace that I have been writing essays on in this space in order to read through the essays, and cartoons, in Share or Die!  To give you a flavor of the book, please see the cartoon from the inside cover, posted at right.

This is how the editors describe their collection of essays and art:  Continue reading “Share or Die!” Arrived

Richie Havens, Rest in Peace

Richie Havens passed away April 22, 2013. Rest in peace, Richie Havens.


Dear Richie,

English: Richie Havens Live, Musikhalle Hambur...
Richie Havens

The loss of your bright shining heart and soul from our world is a shock.  I realized that that I had seen you perform four times.  More than I have seen any other nationally touring performer.

I first saw you at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY when I was barely out of college.  My best friend had gotten concert tickets from his older brother.  His brother decided he didn’t want to go to see some oldies acts.  We were psyched to see Country Joe and the Fish.   We reveled in his famous anti-war song.  Joe was fun.  We stayed to see the next act that — in our ignorance — we had never heard of.  We figured we were there anyway.  Why not give you a listen?

You blew us through the doors.

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March 14, 2013: Sharp rise in PAXi Peace Index

Peace received a lot of attention today.

The PAXi Peace Index uses many indicators to determine how much people in the United States are focused on peace each day.

The PAXi Index number for today, Thursday, March 14th, is 543. (The all-time high for PAXi was 979, which occurred with Nobel Peace Prize discussion on line.)

Today’s number represents a 348 rise since yesterday, an unusual climb. Most of the magnitude of the increase happened with the “Google News for the word ‘peace'” indicator. The top stories which impacted this Google News indicator were: Continue reading March 14, 2013: Sharp rise in PAXi Peace Index

Daniel Berrigan & Thich Nhat Hahn discuss Communities of Resistance

The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of PeaceDaniel Berrigan and Thich Nhat Hahn‘s 1975 dialogue Communities of Resistance: A Conversation is the eighteenth chapter of The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace .  This dialogue leads off the Post-Vietnam to the Present (1975-  ) section of the book.  Hahn and Berrigan’s hopes for communities of resistance springs from their own experience with religious communities in the Buddhist and Catholic faiths, respectively, and with the experiences of their late mutual friend Thomas Merton.

We have already discussed Merton’s essay The Root of War is Fear from a previous chapter in the same book.   In it, Merton defines the calling of a Christian to “work for the total abolition of war.”  Merton reminds us that the place to end war is within ourselves.  My comments in the post about Merton’s essay could easily be applied to Berrigan and Hahn: Continue reading Daniel Berrigan & Thich Nhat Hahn discuss Communities of Resistance

Lots of folks thinking about nonviolence!

Our Peace Index postings are a little behind again. We just moved from North Babylon to Riverhead, and finding it hard to set up our new (old) house. Though, the stats are taken, and PAXi numbers will be posted soon for all the missing days.

Wanted to share that today, “nonviolence”, skyrocketed today on our Google News search. In looking at why, found this interesting story. Ela Gandhi comments on the potential (and limitations) of social media in supporting nonviolence:

(excerpt from) Perth Now
Ela Gandhi: education can beat violence
February 26, 2013

The granddaughter of Indian peace icon Mahatma Gandhi hopes a new institute in Sydney will help Australians re-think our approach to moral education.

Ela Gandhi told an audience at the University of New South Wales on Tuesday that existing education strategies were allowing a culture of violence to flourish.

An International Centre of Nonviolence to be opened in Sydney on Wednesday would examine education “as a way of transforming the community”, she said.

Ms Gandhi, a former South African parliamentarian who has spent her career promoting civil rights, said she feared social justice teaching was losing traction. Continue reading Lots of folks thinking about nonviolence!

Who is asking Obama for peace?: Please advise

The State of The Union is tonight. [was Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013]

I have seen messages in my e-mail from various groups with important lobbying messages for President Obama. Though, I don’t recall seeing anyone specifically lobbying for peace.

I will have my eyes open, and blog here with any messages or demonstrations about peace.

Please, please, comment and/or send links to groups working on a peace/anti-war message for this evening.

It will be interesting to look at the way the The Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States (aks: PAXi Peace Index) moves in the lead-up and follow-up to the State of the Union. Continue reading Who is asking Obama for peace?: Please advise

Peace Index Update for 2/7/2013

Peace Index for Thursday, February 7, 2013 is 190.

If you are following the Peace Index, apologies for the fact that we are a few weeks behind on posting.

Kimberly and Ian (aka The Duke and Duchess of Peace) have relocated from their apartment in North Babylon to a new home in Riverhead, Long Island, New York. (Ie: We moved east).

As of now, there are boxes everywhere! Though, we have still been collecting the data. And, we will fill in the Peace Index numbers for missing dates when we catch up with things. Please let us know if you are seeking numbers for a certain day.

About today’s Peace Index: Continue reading Peace Index Update for 2/7/2013