“Share or Die!” Arrived

From "A Post College Flowchart of Misery and Pain" on Shareable.
From “A Post College Flowchart of Misery and Pain” on Shareable.

I received an email today from the Schumacher Society(“Small is Beautiful”) providing an report on the continuing success of the Mondragon Co-ops.  Along the same lines, my review copy of Share or Die!, Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisisedited by Malcolm Harris with Neal Gorenflo, arrived in the mail today.  The book is not as foreboding as the title seems.  It is about the need to build a collaborative society in order for Gen Y  to flourish in an extractive economy.  I will be putting aside the copy of  The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace that I have been writing essays on in this space in order to read through the essays, and cartoons, in Share or Die!  To give you a flavor of the book, please see the cartoon from the inside cover, posted at right.

This is how the editors describe their collection of essays and art: 

Why should you care about the new book, Share or Die? Sharing might just be the most important movement you’ve never heard of. On a planet with growing population and dwindling natural resources, it should be obvious to everyone that we need to share more. But it’s not. For this movement to succeed, young adults everywhere need a new vision for what’s possible for them in an new economy emerging today that values relationships over stuff and purpose over profit. Share or Die was written by young adults for young adults to do exactly that.

Share or Die is an anthology with stories by an astonishing variety of recent graduates and twenty-something experimenters who are finding (and sharing) their own answers to negotiating the new economic order. It contains 25 articles with hands-on, practical advice about career, relationships, travel, education, housing, and volunteering.

The creators of the book hail from the leading online magazine about this new economy  – Shareable. As you’d expect from a nonprofit dedicated to sharing, Shareable offers the book for free online here under a Creative Commons license. You are welcome to republish, remix, excerpt, mashup any of the stories in the book as long as you attribute Shareable and link back to the original story on Shareable.net.

The contributors to this collection are: Cory DoctorowSamantha MillerSarah IdzikEmi GennisNineHannah BrencherRyan GleasonVenessa MiemisTom JuddMira LunaAstri Von Arbin Ahlander & Yelizavetta KofmanBeth BuczynskiArianna DavolosMelissa WelterLauren WesterfieldJenna BragerMilicent JohnsonRobinoMalcolm HarrisAnnamarie PluharEric MeltzerWillie OsterwielNeal GorenfloJeremy Adam Smith.

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