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TWL: Vinegar

TWL: Things We LoveI admit that I do like the fancy Balsamic Vinegar that come in wine bottle shapes and make awesome dressings and marinades.  This post is not about that vinegar.

This post is about the white vinegar that you can find in the clear plastic gallon jug in the bottom shelf of the supermarket.  Even better is the extra-cheap store or generic brand.  We usually have at least two jugs of it around the house at a time.

No, we don’t use that much by putting it on our breakfast cereal every morning.

We clean with vinegar.  All the time. 

Vinegar in the laundry room
Vinegar in the laundry room

In fact, while dawdling drafting this post, we wanted to clean up a flat screen LCD monitor.  Instead of buying some chemical mix from the local office supply store, we looked up home recipes to clean it.  It turns out you can clean a monitor using a soft cloth with an equal mix of distilled water and vinegar.

Finding the vinegar to clean with was no problem.  We keep 1 gallon of cheap white vinegar by the kitchen sink, and another by the washing machine.  Vinegar is our favorite disinfectant.  In the kitchen we use it to wipe down counter-tops. In the laundry room, we add vinegar to the wash, along with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent and salt, to clean our clothes.  The salt acts as an abrasive on stains. while researching this article, I also found out that vinegar and salt keeps colors bright.  and that vinegar acts as a fabric softener and static cling reducer.  Wow!

With Spring coming soon, vinegar should be on hand.  If you need to get rid of weeds in pavement cracks or keep the ants outdoors.   Spraying vinegar on weeds will help kill them.   Vinegar also interrupts the scent trails that ants leave to invite their buddies in.

For a whole lot more suggestions on how you can use vinegar in cooking, gardening, cleaning, laundry, health, automotive and for your pets, try this website: 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar.

Please let us know what your favorite vinegar tips are in the Comments section below.

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  1. I LOVE white vinegar for cleaning too!!! We use it in many of the same ways that you do – it’s fantastic. Thanks for posting with the links – maybe we can get some more people on board!

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