Memorial Day Weekend: Thoughts for peace

Two thoughts:

One way to change the ch’i energy is with music. So, two videos below. One with the peaceful, joyful energy of friends drumming, and the other with the peaceful, soulful energy of meditation music.

The second video also reminds us of this Memorial Day idea: If we honor those who gave their lives for war, when do we honor those who gave their lives (and time, and energy, and heart and soul) for peace?

Hope you will be attending some Memorial Day events in you neighborhood, and bringing a message of peace and no more war. On Long Island, you can attend the Memorial Day Parade in Bellport*, and be present with the South Country Peace Group.

In the above video, Premik Russell Tubbs dedicates his beautiful music to folks who have worked for peace: some with music, some with community activism, and some with spirituality. Musician, Alice Coltrane; Musician, Michael Breckner; Community Organizer, Susan June Blake; Musician and Community Organizer, Lisa Fishbein; and spiritual leader, Sri Chinmoy.


South Country Peace Group urges you to be a
Presence for Peace
at the
Memorial Day Parade
Bellport, Long Island, NY
Monday, May 28th, 2012

Location: Community Center on Bell Street and Bellport Lane – meet at 10:45am
Call (631) 286-5879 for additional information

(Please note: signs and banners are not permitted by the parade sponsor.)

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