Punk thoughts on war and peace: Peace Song of the Day 2/8/2012

Life During Wartime” is the Peace Song of the Day for Wednesday, February 8th. This is the version by Pinhead Gunpowder, also covered by Green Day. (Punk music seems to be our new inspiration at Peace Couple. Partly, it is that we are hunting desperately for new songs, and punk is a genre The Duchess had not explored much before.)

The Duchess could not find a video version by Green Day on line. Please comment or e-mail if you know where to find that.

Excerpt from lyrics:

It used to be us and them and you and me.
And now we can’t reach our potential without a common enemy,
A real war to fight against, instead of our petty disagreements,
How can I rationalize my life during wartime lie

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The Peace Song of the Day is a project of Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace. The Duke and Duchess recognize that one of the paths to peace is to find soulful and nonviolent entertainment, and to express oneself with art and song.

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