Some people do what must be done: Peace Song for 9/19/2011

“What Must Be Done” is the Peace Song of the Day for Monday, September 19, 2011. This is a song about recognizing the need to help, and recognizing the need for change. This song could help inspire more people to become like Rosa Parks, Gandhi, or Julia Butterfly Hill. What is your work to do?

Full lyrics, in PDF form: here


I learned as a child there are two ways to see
the world as it is and the way it could be
some people say, that’s just not my problem.
Some people do what must be done

they see the hole in the fabric that must be sewn
they see the way blockaded and they roll back the stone
they see the day beyond the horizon
they do what must be done…

Who are your heroes? Who do you think made a difference that brought more peace into the world? (Please leave a comment. The Duke and Duchess sift through comments and spam every evening.)

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