500 Miles: Royal Peace Song of the Day for Monday 8/22/2011

“Five Hundred Miles” by Hedy West is the Royal Peace Song of the Day for Monday, August 22nd. You can find the lyrics to this song in the Rise Up Singing songbook on page 232.


More about this song (and more versions of the song):I chose this song partly for the time of year. It seems a lot of folks in New York are enjoying the end of summer with vacations. There is a lot of focus on friends and family, since back-to-school is around the corner.

This song is a wish that you have a good vacation and a good rest, if that is what you need right now. Hope you come back with new energy and good ideas about how to go forward in life and politics.

Some more versions of this song at Youtube…

From the band “The Hooters”. (The Duke likes this version of the song a lot.)


From Roseanne Cash


From the group Peter, Paul and Mary. (Who introduced me to the song).


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