Strangest dream of peace: The Royal Peace Song of the Day, 8/4/2011

Duchess Susanna writes: Oh, well. The Duke and Duchess of Peace strive to bring you at least one, new item about peace and justice everyday. Though, we both also have day jobs. So, we didn’t get to the Song of the Day yesterday. Apologies.

Still, we want to keep the song calendar going. So, here is some catch-up…

“Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream” by Ed McCurdy. Is (or was) the Royal Song of the Day for Thursday, August 5th. You can find the lyrics in our favorite songbook, Rise Up Singing, on page 161. “…I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war…”

For the first-ever Royal Song of the Day, we had picked two. And, “Last Night” was the second one. So, using this catch-up post to give the song its own spot on the big list. (Wonder if anyone in the world, was actually singing or humming that song yesterday? Hmmmm…)

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