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Tues. 7/12/2011: Royal Song of the Day

Duchess Susanna writes: The Royal Song of the Day is “Circle” by Harry Chapin. It appears in Rise Up Singing on page 222. In the video below, there is a clip of Circle Song during the finale, at 9 minutes and 1 second…

We have been experiencing a lot of car accidents on Long Island. And, a few people close to us have experienced the loss of a loved one recently. Some sadness and grieving. Though, also, new babies being born. This song does some healing, and reminds us to hope…

An excerpt:

“All my life’s a circle, sunrise & sundown…”

Royal Peace Song of The Day: “Little Boxes” made of ticky tacky

Duchess Susanna writes: It amazes me the way that some people will go out and buy exactly the same dress, in exactly the same color, that Duchess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) wore somewhere. For my own sense of independence and dignity, I would at least want to pick a different color. Though, the exact ones modeled by the princess are the exact ones that get sold out and crash websites.

The idea of all of these women strolling around Great Britain and the United States in the same dress reminded me of what my departed friend, Susan Blake, called “the monoculture”. And, it reminded me of the Malvina Reynolds song “Little Boxes”. The song “Little Boxes” is The Royal Peace Song of the Day. It is can be found on page 2 in Rise Up Singing. (Favorite campfire song book of The Duke and Duchess of Peace.) Continue reading Royal Peace Song of The Day: “Little Boxes” made of ticky tacky