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Occupy San Diego,CA General Assembly 7/18/12

I attended the Occupy San Diego General Assembly (GA) on Wednesday July 18, 2012. Occupy San Diego holds GA’s on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

occupy san diego (5)

The Wednesday GA is held at the Children’s Park at the base of 1st Avenue near the waterfront. Walking along the waterfront to the GA, there are MLK quotes in the cement. I thought this one was appropriate for the GA:  Continue reading Occupy San Diego,CA General Assembly 7/18/12

Danny Glover at Occupy Oakland: Re-imagining democracy and humanity

Danny Glover made the speech of a lifetime — the speech of our lifetime — at Occupy Oakland on October 15th. Listening to the speech has sent Duchess Susanna into a fit of hopeful tears, such as one experiences during the happy ending of a momentous film.

The entire video, and all of Danny Glover’s words, are worth experiencing and absorbing. Please watch it! Below, The Duchess has inscribed in text some of the quotes that she was able to capture and type out this morning.

Continue reading Danny Glover at Occupy Oakland: Re-imagining democracy and humanity

Some Calypso, Anyone?: Peace Song of the Day for 10/20/2011

“Walk in Peace”, by Sir Lancelot Pinard, is the Peace Song of the Day for Thursday, October 20th. I uncovered this song in the book “Songs That Changed The World”.

In researching this song, I learned about the interesting history of Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard (1902-2001) and his career. First of all, he earned his title in a similar manner to Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna — it suited him. Pinard was an inspiration to Harry Belafonte, and was appreciated by 1948 Progressive Party Presidential candidate, Henry A. Wallace.

-Susanna, Duchess of Peace

I was not able to find a video for this song, but there is a path to an MP3 at the readmore… Continue reading Some Calypso, Anyone?: Peace Song of the Day for 10/20/2011

Our Culture, Our Economy

The Duke and Duchess of Peace started this blog to highlight the values we all share, values that are not represented in the military-industrial media. The ideas in the article Win the Culture War describe the values we are talking about, but Duke Augustus does take issue with the name of the article.  The idea of a “war” is not part of the positive values described in the article.  It is not a “war”, not a competition, not destructive.  It is a creative act, a sharing, a coming together, a seeking of unity:

  • The human brain is wired to support creativity, cooperation and life in community. That is our nature. The prevalence of materialism, greed, competition and violence common in modern society is a symptom of severe cultural and institutional dysfunction.
  • We humans inhabit a wondrous but finite living planet with a self-organizing biosphere to which we must adapt our lives and economies.
  • Life, not money, is the true measure of value; money’s only legitimate use is in life’s service. An obsession with making money is a sign of psychological and social dysfunction.
  • Markets are essential to the function of a healthy democratic society. Their proper function, however, depends on proper rules implemented by democratic governments under the watchful eye of a strong and dynamic civil society.
As much as Duke Augustus agrees with these values, he takes issue with the name of the series where they are discussed:  New Economy 2.0.  These are not new values nor the updated version of values.  These are very old values They are basic to humanity.  they underpin every major religious tradition .