How do people who cherish peace respond to the NATO summit in Chicago?

A collection of links and articles related to work being done by activists in Chicago, to nurture peace and nonviolence, as NATO meets in Chicago, on May 20th and 21st.

The big march will be:
5/20/2012 Sunday starting at 2pm from Grant Park/Chicago
(with cultural and lead-up activities starting at 11am)

#ChicagoSpring: Occupy NATO May 12-21 Full Schedule

commentary at In These Times
As Chicago Prepares For NATO, Four Ways That Demonstrators Can Win
(including very specific comments and strategies for the peace movement)

news at Rockford Register
Activists Hold Own Chicago Summit Before NATO
(A May 13th story with updates of meetings and attendance)

news at Chicago Tribune
A Time For Peace, Pastors Say

ongoing coverage at Democracy Now!
And, Democracy Now on Twitter:!/search/democracynow

To follow events on Twitter, you can use:

The website for Occupy Chicago is:


Here at Peace Couple we will post updates on peace activism in Chicago.

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