Do soldiers dream of peace? Peace Song for 3/16/2012

“Lay Down Your Arms” by Doron Levinson is the Peace Song of the Day for 3/16/2012. This song is about an appeal to God. Though, it could be written or expressed as a meditation, or a wish sent out to the universe. Some of the images are profound and beautiful.

Excerpt from the lyrics:

Somewhere deep inside the soldier,
There’s a dreamer
Dreaming of a world of peace…
Lay down your arms…

Full lyrics and background can be found: here


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Peace Couple strives to post a Peace Song each day of the year. It is a project of The Duke and Duchess of Peace in order to nurture peace culture. We recognize that one of the paths to peace is to seek out nonviolent entertainment, and to express oneself through music. We have listed a wide variety of songs, including children’s songs and songs that celebrate other cultures.

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