For your holiday wanderings: Peace Song for 12/26/2011

The Peace Song of the Day for 12/26 is Wanderin’. It’s a traditional song, adapted by Sammy Kaye. You can find it in the Rise Up Singing songbook on page 236.

This song is dedicated to everyone who traveled, wandered, (or did the preparing for) visits with family and friends this holiday season…

* * *

Excerpt from lyrics:

My daddy longs to see me home, my brother’d share his bed
My sister yearns for me to have a roof above my head
And it looks like…I’m never gonna’ cease…my wanderin’

Duchess Susanna writes: Okay, so, the song for this day is getting posted a little late. But, did you notice that we did post our Christmas Day, 12/25, Peace Song of the Day on time? That was our Christmas present to you! (And, to The Spirit of Procrastination Future. Because, with that post done, we are only having to do catch-up on 5 days!)

Thanks for hanging around as we try to turn this web project into something vibrant, constant, and useful. We would love any feedback on what you are or are not getting out of Peace Couple. And, is there anything else we should be sharing with you about peace, shopping compassionately, or working creatively for a better world?

With appreciation,

Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna,
The Duke and Duchess of Peace
aka Ian and Kimberly

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