Occupy Congress in 2012

occupy congress 3This lesson from 2011 has been that we must reach beyond our comfort zones and participate directly in democracy.  Now that the 2011 elections are over, let’s talk about the 2012 elections where all of the House of Representatives and a 1/3 of the US Senate are up for re-election.

We have talked about how Congress is currently occupied by corporations It’s time to take it back.  Congress needs to by occupied by real people.  Congress needs to be occupied by YOU!!  

I am not talking about bring a sleeping bag or tent to your local Congressional office.  You must think of a more permanent occupation.  Sitting behind the desk that says Representative (or Senator) for a full term.  Imagine the changes you can make as a representative of the 99%.  

Yes, YOU need to run for Congress in 2012.  If you are still in one of the two corporate war parties, then be prepared to primary the incumbent or to run as her challenger.  If you belong to a third party or are an independent, then be prepared to get your name on the ballot on your party’s (or an independent) line.

The time to start planning is now.  Elections rules are written to favor the 1%.  Be prepared to master them to get on the ballot.  You will also need to master, even better get your campaign a treasurer to master, the FEC campaign finance reporting requirements.

Here’s a video on running as a candidate of the 99%:


If you still need inspiration to run for office, read this poem

And now some more resources to get you started:



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Electoral Organizations


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