Work for peace: Vote for peace!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 is [was] Election Day in the USA. To all of our American readers: Please vote!

Peace Child at Occupy Wall Street
Make a sign for peace! Mark it on your election ballot, and wave it at your local elected officials and Board of Elections workers!

Do you have a candidate you know who campaigns for peace? How about a candidate who is associated with a political party that promotes peace? (For real, like “antiwar” is in their party platform!) Consider voting for that candidate.

If you do not, you can still take this chance to vote for peace by doing a write in!

In fact, many of our enlightened, empowered, politically active friends are currently engaged in the occupations of Wall Street and their local areas. Some of those folks are ambivalent about voting, ambivalent about rubber-stamping the electoral system. Well, you can show up and make a stink with a rowdy write-in vote.

I have suggested that my occupy colleagues write in “Occupy”. How about those of us whose focus is peace writing in “Peace”, “No More War”, or “Occupy Peace”? Take your favorite slogan, from your best sign, and publish it in the voting booth. (You could even draw a picture: It’s your sign!) Let the politicians know that you cared enough to vote, you just couldn’t care less about their business as usual.

If you want to share the “Make A Sign” on the ballot post, you can find it at onthewilderside: here.

Occupy Wall Street: Our Children Deserve Better

Youth at Occupy Wall Street


Thanks for stopping by! Please VOTE FOR PEACE TODAY! But, TOMORROW, consider coming back here to Peace Couple to SHOP FOR PEACE. Our newest store of compassionate shopping is Tara Luna: here.

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