Freedom is a notion sweeping the nation: Peace Song for 10/26/2011

Freedom“, from the Broadway musical, “Shenandoah“, is the Peace Song of the Day for October 26th.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace would like to dedicate this song to the brave folks at Occupy Oakland. Last night, various police entities attacked the freedom of Oakland – and all of us – by using weapons against Americans exercising their right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly. See the bottom of this post for info about how to support and/or donate to Occupy Oakland.

More info, and links for Occupy Oakland…
Excerpt from the song
(from the musical, “Shenandoah”)

Freedom ain’t a state like Maine or Virginia
Freedom ain’t across some county line
Freedom is a flame that burns within ya
Freedom’s in the state of mind


You may follow Occupy Oakland at their website:

On Twitter with hashtag #occupyoakland

There is not a way to send financial donations to Occupy Oakland, yet, but it is coming soon. Check back here or at Occupy Oakland website above.

For needed supplies that can be dropped off, see the link at the website:

To complain to various elected officials who should have helped protect the freedoms of Americans in Oakland, California, consider contacting:

Oakland Mayor Quan
EZ online form to Mayor Quan:

Oakland Police

Oakland City Administrator

CA Governor:
California Governor Jerry Brown
by mail at:
Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841

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