To Every Human Being So They Would Understand: Peace Song for 10/17//2011

“O Had I A Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger is the Peace Song of the Day for 10/17/2011. You can find the words to this song on page 31 of the Rise Up Singing group songbook.

We are sharing two videos for this song. The video below is a young man playing the song on baritone uke. The second video, at the bottom of the post, is the song performed as a duet by Joan Baez and Judy Collins.

* * *
Excerpt from the lyrics:

O had I a golden thread & needle so fine
I’d weave a magic strand of rainbow design,
Of rainbow design

In it I’d weave the bravery of women giving birth
In it I’d weave the innocence of children over all the earth…

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