(was) Royal Peace Song of the Day: Wednesday 8/24/2011

Eek! The Duchess truly was shaken up by the earthquake. The first song she picked was already chosen as The Peace Song of the Day by The Duke in July. Hope you enjoy the Duchess’s video choice and comments on “Let’s Get Together”, but…

The new, revised, actual Royal Song of the Day for Wednesday, August 24th, is: “Turning of the World” by Ruth Pelham. Video and post: here.

“Let’s Get Together” by Chet Powers, popularized by The Youngbloods, is The Royal Song of the Day for Wednesday, August 24th. “Let Get Together” was one of the songs performed at the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Peace (many years ago, before they received their royal titles).

The Duchess of Peace chose this song as a point of reflection after the earthquake, which struck in Virginia yesterday, and shook Duchess Susanna’s world a bit, here on Long Island.

You can find the lyrics to “Let’s Get Together” in The Rise Up Singing songbook. page 240. Rise Up Singing is the Duchess’s favorite accessory for campfires or other parties where a sing-a-long is possible. You can get a copy of Rise Up Singing at Powells Books: here.

Song excerpt:

Love is but a song we sing, fear’s the way we die
You can make the mountains ring
or make the angels cry…

C’mon people now, smile on your brother
Everybody get together,
try to love one another, right now…

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