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In the corporate media, you can find a lot of stories about the fact that Prince William has gifted Duchess Catherine with blue earrings which once belonged to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana. These earrings match Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring, which has been much celebrated as the former Kate Middleton’s engagement ring.

Susanna, Duchess of Peace would like to take this opportunity to show off her own blue ring, which once belonged to her mother-in-law. It is a memento the Duchess wears to remind herself of her mother-in-law’s life of service to the environment and community, and a ring which the Duchess wears to glorify the idea of peace and re-using.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace are concerned with the way that royalty — in the present, and historically — have been used to cover-up war, and even to glorify and prettify the military. It is sad that half the world is obsessed with the image of Duchess Catherine’s white dress, as many of them overlook the groom in the military uniform standing next to her. Though, the military uniform is there, in the photos, broadcast around the world as a clear message to boys that being a soldier is a noble identity, and a subtle message to all that a career in war comes with wealth and glamor.

It is problematic that the English Royalty use glamorous symbolism to garner attention for and prop up the military, especially at a time in the world where there are so many war crimes, and so many unjust military actions.

Yet, somewhere, in the exploitation of people’s feelings and imaginations with royal weddings, royal fashions, and royal family stories, which glorify war, there are underlying positive values which could be explored, such as: a concern with regular weddings; reflections on personal fashion and purchasing; and a desire to hear more about genuine, family stories.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace hope to engage the fun, warmth and imagination that the media assign to the royals and then connect to the military, and re-connect those values with the support of a peaceful, nonviolent culture.

For the Duke and Duchess of Peace:

The best fashion is sustainable and fair trade clothing.

The best weddings are those where the full purpose is to celebrate love and family, without undertones of public relations for the military.

The best stories are our own family stories. And, it is important to take the time out to listen to the stories of our own elders, and to listen to the dreams and/or complaints of our own friends and family.

And, for Susanna, Duchess of Peace, the best blue ring in the world is not sapphire and diamonds. The best blue ring is a semi-precious stone, in a blue-green shade, which comes as a humble gift from her mother-in-law’s estate. And, it is wonderful to reuse this fashion. Because, the Duchess’s mother-in-law spent a lot of her time on earth explaining that reuse is even better than recycle, and it is always valuable to reduce, reuse, and recycle (in that order of importance).

Do you have any family jewelery that can be taken out and dusted off? (Especially as an alternative to jewelry shopping at the mall?)


Top photo: A photo of Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace, on a visit to the Peace Pole in Lindenhurst, recently revealed the blue ring that originally belonged to Duke Augustus’s mother.

Bottom photo: A close up of the ring worn by Duchess Susanna. Duchess Susanna is proud to reuse jewelry and fashions in a way that reflects sustainability and love for the environment. This blue-green ring once belonged to Duchess Susanna’s mother-in-law.

If you must see photos of Duchess Catherine and Princess Diana wearing the sapphire and diamond earrings, you can click on this article at “Socialite Life”: here.

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