Royal Song of the Day: Friday 7/15/2011

Duke Augustus writes:  Hard Times for Dreamers by Beat Radio. Duchess Susanna has been doing a great job all week of exploring the wealth of songs in “Rise Up Singing“.  This song should be in a future edition.  Right now, it is a theme song for me.  It reminds me that people do care about struggling to do what is right.  I love the perseverance in the chorus.

This video is a solo acoustic version.  I know the lighting is not the best, but Brian’s personality comes through.


The chorus goes:

When the cold wind blows
We raise up our sails
When there is no wind we row
Hard times for dreamers
But our hearts prevail
And we shine that light
Everywhere we go
Hard times for dreamers

There are full band versions of the song on YouTube here and here.

Brian describes the song as:

I haven’t written a song like this one for a long time. When I was 19 these were the sort of songs I wrote. I was always trying to write songs that felt like they’ve always been there. Like they already existed forever, and I just happened to be the one to find them at some random moment in time. I wrote this one with my sons in mind. The message is pretty simple, and its reminiscent of something my friend john and I were told in an encounter with a bowery bum in 2001: “Stick with it!”

I would definitely recommend checking out the the rest of the “Safe Inside the Sound” album, and the rest of Brian’s  catalog, including his solo stuff under Brian Sendrowitz.  Their website is

Here’s a bonus video where Beat Radio loaned a song to a project of the Wilders:


Some additional Beat Radio videos:

Beat Radio: Safe Inside the Sound

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