Royal Song of the Day: Wednesday 7/13/2011

Duchess Susanna writes: This morning, on Twitter, the phrase “Rise & Grind” was trending. It inspired me to reflect on the importance of doing work you feel good about (right livelihood). And, also, the fact that our work does not define our whole selves.

So, The Royal Song of the Day is “Our Life Is More Than Our Work. The song is by Charlie King, and appears in Rise Up Singing on page 257. You can find Charlie King performing the song on his album Somebody’s Story. There is a place to listen to a snippet of the song, and/or buy the album or MP3 at digstation.

More about work: Don’t you hate it when you meet someone at a party, and the first thing they ask is “What do you do?”, and, they mean, “Where do you work?”? Seems like such an unfair question. Some people still stay home to take care of the household and/or children. Some people are temporarily unemployed and would rather not say. Some people have day jobs they don’t like, and hobbies that define their existence, such as music. When someone says, “What do you do?” I feel like they are part of the system, telling me I am nothing, if I do not work for someone else.

I have not traveled for awhile. Though, from what I remember, they do not ask this question so quickly in other countries. People get to know you, and maybe ask about your family, before they demand you give them the ultimate clue about how you make money and what “class” you are in.


Charlie King: Two Good Arms

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