March 14, 2013: Sharp rise in PAXi Peace Index

Peace received a lot of attention today.

The PAXi Peace Index uses many indicators to determine how much people in the United States are focused on peace each day.

The PAXi Index number for today, Thursday, March 14th, is 543. (The all-time high for PAXi was 979, which occurred with Nobel Peace Prize discussion on line.)

Today’s number represents a 348 rise since yesterday, an unusual climb. Most of the magnitude of the increase happened with the “Google News for the word ‘peace'” indicator. The top stories which impacted this Google News indicator were:

-The new Pope adopting the name of St. Francis of Assisi, Saint of Peace


-Stories about a shooting in upstate New York, which noted that peace was shattered.

Below is one of the stories about Pope Francis:

(excerpt from) Asbury Park Press
Francis is saint of peace, poverty

VATICAN CITY — Francis, the name the new pope has chosen, is a much-beloved Italian saint who is identified with peace, poverty and a simple lifestyle…


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