Questioning nuclear energy: Peace Song of the Day for 8/12/2011

“All Clear in Harrisburg” is The Royal Song of the Day for Friday, August 12th. The Duke requested an anti-nuclear song for today. Sustainability and nonviolence towards the earth are important parts of peace.


You can find the lyrics to “All Clear in Harrisburg” by Tom Paxton in the Rise Up Singing songbook on page 34. I like the words of this version that say, “There never was a danger to you / It was the fault of the press / They made a mountain of a mole-hill”

Above is a version of the song posted on youtube. The owners of Three Mile Island are declaring, “You can return to your homes now, Citizens…” And, very apropos of the recent Japan nuclear disasters, “And, we’re so glad your alive / We just want to provide cheap energy / For the ones who survive.”

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