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Peace News: Key indicator for PAXi peace index makes huge jump on 10/13/2012

Surprise! There should be a big jump in the Daily Peace Index today!

(Update: The PAXi Peace Index number for today, Oct. 13, 2012 is, in fact, “754”. A new high, and a giant leap from yesterday!)

One of the key indicators is a search for “peace” at Google News.

Today, the Google News number is over 60 million! Compare that to the past few days: 10/10 was 4,020,000; 10/11 was 3,790,000; 10/12 was 4,040,000. Also, the highest day yet for the PAXi/Daily Peace Index was on September 11, 2012. On that day, the Google New/peace figure was 20,100,000 and PAXi came out to 337. When we do the figures later today, we will probably have that beat! (Come back to the front page this evening to check on today’s PAXi number!)

In searching for causes of the jump, I reviewed what the top Google News stories about peace were this morning. I think the main story pushing this jump is the Nobel Peace Prize being given to the EU/European Union. Though, I was also happy to see a third party candidate shaking up the peace discourse: On the first page of the Google News results, Roseanne Barr for President on the “Peace and Freedom Party” line shows up!

Google News Peace: A PAXi Daily Peace Index indicator
Above: A Google News search for “peace” on the morning of October 13, 2012

Peace Index climbs on September 11th

Peace is difficult to quantify. Though, we have been trying to measure it somewhat with our PAXi Index, the Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States.

PAXi began on July 15th. The PAXi for that day was 131, the lowest PAXi has been in its two month history. In the last few weeks, PAXI has hovered at the 140’s and 150’s. The highest number so far has been 158. Until today…

Today, on the anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, PAXi has jumped up to 337. Continue reading Peace Index climbs on September 11th

US Daily Peace Index reaches new high on 8/29/2012

The PAXi — The Daily Peace Culture Index of the United States — recently achieved the 150 level for the first time. PAXi was 150 on August 8th. And, today, Wednesday, August 29, 2012, DPCIUS/PAXi reached another new high of 153.

In trying to uncover why PAXi is so high on certain days, there is some guesswork involved. Though, we can also search the same indicators that got us to the PAXi score, and see what some of the stories and/or content is about.

So, here are some goings on in the universe of peace and nonviolence, which may have led to today’s impressive amount of discussion about peace, nonviolence, and antiwar sentiment: Continue reading US Daily Peace Index reaches new high on 8/29/2012

What will the PAXi number be on International Peace Day 9/21/12?

Peace Child at Occupy Wall Street by PeaceCouple(See bottom for running tally of Peace Index numbers leading up to and after International Day of Peace.)

On July 15, 2012, Duchess Susanna introduced PAXi, which is the nickname for the Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States [DPCIUS]. PAXi is designed to describe the amount of energy and discussion devoted to peace in The United States each day. The PAXi number is  posted prominently at Peace Couple every day.

According to our friends at the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR):

Each year on Sept. 21, the United Nations marks the International Day of Peace. Passed by the U.N. General Assembly in 2001, the day is to be “devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.” Beginning in 2004, the World Council of Churches has marked the day with an International Day of Prayer for Peace. A spiritually-based, multifaith 24-hour vigil for peace has taken place each year around the world.

There will global celebrations of peace leading up to September 21st.  The Fellowship of Reconciliation will be marking “the occasion in a couple of ways, including an all-day event with affiliate Global Days of Listening. FOR is also sponsoring On Earth Peace’s network of local events around the theme Peace Day: Praying for Ceasefire. Read on for more information!”

Please check in with us everyday to see if the global focus on peace raises the PAXi number. Continue reading What will the PAXi number be on International Peace Day 9/21/12?

Peace Index: Daily stats for the peace movement

Peace Index. Daily stats for words such as “peace”, “nonviolence”, and “anti-war”. How much are Americans talking about peace today?

See ongoing chart of daily peace index numbers under **asterisks** at the bottom of this post.

“When will the wars end?” I wonder that each day, and, I reflect on secondary questions, such as: “Is anyone succeeding with peace work lately?” and “Is the peace movement thriving?”.

I had always wished there was a way to check up on these concerns, a way to check the pulse of peace. I wanted to find statistics on peace, just like people can find statistics on the stock market, the price of gold, or, even, the casualties of war. I did a little research, and I could not find a number or index that answered my questions. There are some very good peace indexes. Though, the ones I found are only calculated yearly, or they only changed when big events happen.

So, it is still impossible to predict exactly when the wars will end. Though, we have devised a system to give some answers about the status of peace and antiwar sentiment in the United States. The system is The Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States [DPCIUS], which has the nickname PAXi. The PAXi number will be posted prominently at Peace Couple every day. [Well, we try!] We hope you will seek it out when you do your daily searches for news, information, and updates on the state of the world. Continue reading Peace Index: Daily stats for the peace movement

A whole year of Peace Songs: Finale to “Peace Song of the Day” project

Susanna, The Duchess of Peace writes:

On July 9th of last year, I began a project to find, and blog about, a peace song for every day of the year. The Peace Song of the Day archive is: here.

The idea of the project was to create interesting content, to create a daily ritual of peace culture, to bring people to the blog, and to nurture some self-discipline in myself as a writer.

I believe I succeeded a little bit on the first three counts. Though, since there are many days with no peace song announced, I guess I failed on the self-discipline score. And, I failed even though I had some nurturing help from the Duke, who sometimes provided inspiration, and sometimes just wrote the post for me. My missed days have taught me that I cannot count on myself to be both creative and ambitious each day. So, my next daily project will involve less of a need for inspiration. Though, I hope it will still be fruitful to the peace community.

Other lessons learned: Continue reading A whole year of Peace Songs: Finale to “Peace Song of the Day” project