“Share or Die!” Arrived

I received an email today from the Schumacher Society(“Small is Beautiful”) providing an report on the continuing success of the Mondragon Co-ops.  Along the same lines, my review copy of Share or Die!, Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis, edited by Malcolm Harris with Neal Gorenflo, arrived in the mail today. … Continue reading “Share or Die!” Arrived

Daniel Berrigan & Thich Nhat Hahn discuss Communities of Resistance

Hahn and Berrigan’s hopes for communities of resistance springs from their own experience with religious communities in the Buddhist and Catholic faiths, respectively, and with the experiences of their late mutual friend Thomas Merton.

Oliver Stone discusses Pacifist Presidential Candidate Henry Wallace on DN!

It is disappointing that Stone and Kuznik go on to downplay the ground-breaking nature of Wallace’s presidential run.

Prasad: The Way to Disarmament

The fifteenth chapter of The Power of Nonviolence: Writings by Advocates of Peace contains Rajendra Prasad‘s 1963 essay  The Way to Disarmament.  Like the recently discussed writings by Merton, Fromm, and Muste, finding the path to peace through disarmament is the focus of Prasad’s  essay. Dr. Prasad spent his life working for Indian independence and was the first President of the … Continue reading Prasad: The Way to Disarmament