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Garlic Festival: Spontaneous, local, shopping

Organic Garlic: Three different kinds
Organic Garlic: Three kinds

Garlic Festival at Garden of Eve Organic Farm and Market in Riverhead, Long Island, New York.
2012: Saturday, Sept 29th and Sunday, Sept 30th

Our photos at Flickr: here.

Yesterday, we were driving on the Eastern End of Long Island, and stumbled upon a Garlic Festival at a local, organic farm. It is good for the earth and for our health to buy things in season, and to be creative with local bounty.

We bought three of the many different varieties of organic garlic available. Pictured are: Polish garlic, German garlic, and Elephant garlic (The Elephant Garlic is the biggest one. It doesn’t even fit in my ceramic garlic keeper!). Continue reading Garlic Festival: Spontaneous, local, shopping

Connecticut man frees Larry the lobster from restaurant menu

Peace Couple believes in applying peace and compassion to all of our shopping decisions. Compassion is one good reason to consider taking animal products out of your diet.This man showed a whole, new level of shopping compassion. He took a 17 pound lobster that was on a restaurant menu, and paid for it alive, so he could free it!


(excerpt from)
Man frees 17-pound lobster from Conn. restaurant
Wednesday July 25, 2012, 11:57

WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut man purchased a 17-pound lobster at a Waterford restaurant, then released the crustacean back into Long Island Sound.

Don MacKenzie of Niantic…knew the lobster, nicknamed “Lucky Larry” by local children, would have to be about 80-years-old to reach his current size and felt it deserved to live…

MacKenzie won’t say how much he paid The Dock restaurant to take Larry off the menu Tuesday.

“Let’s just say that it’s the most expensive lobster I never ate.” MacKenzie told the newspaper…


Gradual Vegetarian by Lisa Tracy

Are genetically engineered foods bad for you?: New research on GMO food

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Summary article at: news source

An “Egads!” political GMO happening described at Alternet: here.

(excerpt from) Common Dreams
New Report on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods
by Richard Schiffman / July 5, 2012

Dear! Stop buying the genetically modified pro...

“Aren’t critics of genetically engineered food anti-science? Isn’t the debate over GMOs (genetically modified organisms) a spat between emotional but ignorant activists on one hand and rational GM-supporting scientists on the other?”

These questions are posed by Earth Open Source, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assuring the sustainability, security, and safety of the global food system. They answer their own questions in a new study “GMO Myths and Truths.” The myth, they say, is that GM foods have been proven safe. The truth is that there are hidden dangers which corporate-funded research has not yet adequately investigated.

What makes this report unusual is that it was authored not by the usual food activists and environmentalists, but by two well known genetic engineers with help from an investigative reporter.The team conducted an exhaustive survey of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies and concluded not only that GM food crops pose significant, if largely under-evaluated, health risks, but that they have so far failed to deliver on their promise to increase crop yields and lower herbicide and pesticide use.

The authors argue, moreover, that there are already safer environmentally friendly ways to grow more food for the planet’s exploding population… Continue reading Are genetically engineered foods bad for you?: New research on GMO food

Passover and Easter: 10 Ways To Foster Peace For The Holidays

The Spring Holidays are a perfect time for sharing and celebrating, as well as for learning and inspiring positive change.

Kimberly and Ian Wilder, the team behind Peace Couple, share interesting holidays. One of us is from a Jewish tradition, and the other is from a Christian tradition. Both of us resonate with Buddhism, and ancient, earth-based celebrations of the seasons.

Both Easter and Passover are Spring Holidays that celebrate renewal. Passover also celebrates Freedom.

We made a list in order to share some ideas and links for inserting peace and nonviolence into the Spring holidays.

10 Ways to foster peace for Easter and Passover

1. Put a tomato on your Seder plate. Continue reading Passover and Easter: 10 Ways To Foster Peace For The Holidays

Hippie Thoughts on Peace and Public Service: Peace Song of the Day for 2/9

“Basic Human Needs” — by poet, Hog Farmer, hippie, clown, activist, philosopher Wavy Gravy — is the Peace Song of the Day for Thursday, February 9th. What would happen if we all cared for each other, and every human being had food, shelter, and clothing?

Thanks to The Duke and Duchess’s friend, DAK, who recommended the movie Wavy Gravy Movie: Saint Misbehavin’, where we discovered this song.

Continue reading Hippie Thoughts on Peace and Public Service: Peace Song of the Day for 2/9

Merry Christmas: Peace Song of the Day for 12/25/2011

Merry Christmas to all our old friends and new visitors at Peace Couple!

The Peace Song for the day is “Over The River And Through The Woods”. It is based on a Thanksgiving poem, though, is often turned into Christmas music. The song was written by Lydia Maria Child (1802 – 1880) , whom Wikipedia notes:  “…was an American abolitionist, women’s rights activist, opponent of American expansionism, Indian rights activist, novelist, and journalist and Unitarian.”

Continue reading Merry Christmas: Peace Song of the Day for 12/25/2011

Pssst….Don’t drink the apple juice…

Or, at least consider a pause from drinking imported/bottled apple juice. The current goings on related to apple juice, arsenic, and the FDA, remind us that we must take care in what we shop and consume — and, that the government is not always on top of things. It seems even regular news stories are hinting at a lack of diligence on the part of the federal government to set the correct levels.

Three stories about arsenic levels in apple juice are below: Continue reading Pssst….Don’t drink the apple juice…