#AfghanistanTuesday ITRW 24/7

While I was researching Jane Addams last week, I was fascinated by her attendance at a series of international peace conferences a century ago.  I wondered  if reviving the concept of international peace conferences was the missing piece in opposing all the US oil wars.  It seemed to me that we needed to make the … Continue reading #AfghanistanTuesday ITRW 24/7

#AfghanistanTuesday says #OWS = #Antiwar

It’s all connected.The wars in the Middle East are just another method to transfer out tax dollars to the 1% — the war profiteers.  Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex still needs to be heeded 50 years later. I had previously quoted the words of Eisenhower-– the Republican, five-star general.  The words of his 1953 … Continue reading #AfghanistanTuesday says #OWS = #Antiwar

#AfghanistanTuesday Protests. Discuss.

Ok tweeps, between the planet-wide protests of the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan War, and the flowering of the planet-wide Occupy movement, there is much to discuss.   Scarry Thoughts in his post  #AfghanistanTuesday World Report – October 11, 2011 gives a suggested schedule for this twitter discussion. The schedule is geared to the peak hours we … Continue reading #AfghanistanTuesday Protests. Discuss.

Occupy #AfghanistanTuesday

October 6, 2011 are the protests on the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan War.  In the blog post The hour is approaching: Make a commitment!, we are asked to focus this week’s tweets on organizing for that day: Tuesday October 4 … #AfghanistanTuesday! We have wide-ranging conversations every week on #AfghanistanTuesday, but I want to … Continue reading Occupy #AfghanistanTuesday

Join the #AfghanistanTuesday 10 Club

The Duke realizes that this has been a very taxing week for social justice advocates.  The killing of Troy Davis was filled with the hope of repreive for a few hours, and then an overwhelming mourning for the US justice.  At the same time, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been giving a voice to the discontent … Continue reading Join the #AfghanistanTuesday 10 Club

What I did on #AfghanistanTuesday

If you have been following along on this thread, then you know that #AfghanistanTuesday is a social media based weekly vigil to quickly end the costly Afghanistan War.  It is primarily to protest the inaction to Congresspeople, but it also protests the inaction of US Senators and the President.  It is designed to use Twitter as … Continue reading What I did on #AfghanistanTuesday

Will your Rep Join @BruceBraley on #AfghanistanTuesday ?

Joe Scarry posts about our first #AfghanistanTuesday suceess in Scarry Thoughts: AfghanistanHour: Speak Now Or ….: This is what it looks like when a member of Congress states his position on getting out of Afghanistan: Bruce Braley represents Iowas 1st congressional district and this is a tweet he sent August 26 in response to our query, … Continue reading Will your Rep Join @BruceBraley on #AfghanistanTuesday ?